Pan-fried Prawns with a Sweet Soy sauce

Pan-fried prawns with a sweet soy sauce is so easy to prepare and make. It makes a delicious appetizer or can be served over rice. Quick and easy, pan-fried prawns with soy sauce, garlic, and spring onions is a simple Chinese stir-fry dinner bursting with so much flavour that can be served, from prep to table, in under 15 minutes.

Citrus Chicken Curry

This soothing, comforting Citrus Chicken Curry recipe is mildly spiced, but the real hit of flavour comes from the lime and orange in the coconut milk-based sauce, of which there’s plenty for mopping up with breads and rice. A wonderfully warming dish to prepare which is guaranteed to please the whole family.

Murgh makhani – butter chicken

Murgh makhani recipe, known in the UK as butter chicken, is one of the ultimate curry dishes. The chicken is marinated in ginger and garlic